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Happy English Learning Center

Next-generation English conversation class! 


Happy English Learning Center aims to foster 3 things in learning English.

Relationship building


Global Sensitivity

Building relationships


Learning to know, recognize, accept, and cooperate with differences.

· Creativity


First, let's realize that English is fun. You will be able to experience English naturally while actually moving your body and enjoying crafts.

Students will be able to express their strengths through art and other forms of expression, and gain the ability and confidence to think for themselves.

・Global sensitivity


Students will not only be able to speak English, but also develop a will to communicate, communication skills, and an understanding of different cultures.

Events to come

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Hello there!

My name is Arnaldo Salazar. I am from the Philippines.


* TESOL / TEFL 120 hours teaching qualification.

* World TESOL Academy (British accreditation)



We are a "Next Generation English Conversation School" located in Otaru.


Our goal is to help our students communicate in English in a fun way that is inclusive, creative, and understanding of diverse cultures.


Japanese people know how to read ABC as "A.B.C," but when this is read using phonics rules, it is A, B, K". Knowing the phonics rules is very useful for speaking pronunciation and listening. You will also be able to read words you encounter for the first time.

Textbooks, flashcards, and CDs are used as part of the curriculum.

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Approximately 59 million children of elementary school age are out of school. Otaru Happy English Learning Center donates 5% of students' monthly fees every month to children around the world who are unable to attend school.

By learning English, each student is helping friends around the world.


We also write letters in English to our friends around the world in class and send them to the actual location, or have online English exchanges with them.



Write a letter in English to your friends around the world

actually​OverseasLet's send!

With the child you support online

Let's talk in English!

​Class (Our Class)

Happy Kids 4-6 years old (45 minutes)

Class start: 10:00-10:45 am

(4 people per class)

Monthly fee: For 45 minutes

2,000 yen x 4 times a month = 8,000 yen

Happy Big 7~9 years old (45 minutes)

Class start: 10:00-10:45 am

(4 people per class)

Monthly fee: For 45 minutes

2,000 yen x 4 times a month = 8,000 yen

Happy Junior 10-12 years old (60 minutes)
Class start: 13:00-14:00 pm

(4 people per class)


Monthly fee: For 45 minutes

2,000 yen x 4 times a month = 8,000 yen

Happy adult  (60 minutes)
Class start: 15:00 -16:00 pm

(4 people per class)


Monthly fee: For 60 minutes

2,500 yen x 4 times a month = 10,000 yen

Up to 4 people per class.

​[Children] Let's Go 
Alphabet pronunciation, reading and writing, listening, storytelling, games work etc.

American-style English curriculum
pronunciation, vocalization, rhythm,
​Learn English conversation that can be used for English communication!

* At the time of application, as a teaching material fee for one year,
​5,000 yen will be charged separately.
​Each year there is a cost for teaching materials.


Events & Workshops

We hold seasonal events four times in a year.


Spring April ▶ Easter celebration

It is a fun event where children find hidden eggs, paint eggs colorfully, and receive presents. Explain the meaning of Easter and make your own original Easter egg using English!


Summer July▶Summer School

We will make crafts in English that are perfect for summer. Let's make your excellent handicraft while learning words in the process of creating!


Autumn October ▶ Harvest time

Let's make foreign sweets together in English!


Winter December▶Christmas celebration

Christmas is one of the significant events around the world. Do you know Christmas songs? This event will teach you to sing Christmas carols in English. We do crafts, play games, and do skits about Christmas. Explain the meaning of Christmas. It's the season to express gratitude to the students and to convey thank you to the fathers and mothers.

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