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Q1: Do you want to introduce your siblings or friends, are there any discounts?


A1: There are family discounts and friend discounts.


About family discount: If you apply as a family → 5,000 yen will be charged separately for teaching materials for one year at the time of application, but the second and subsequent children will be exempted.


About the friend discount: If you apply with a friend or if you introduce a friend → At the time of application, you will be charged a separate teaching material fee of 5,000 yen for one year, but the student who introduced you will be exempted.


Q2: I missed two of the four classes in a month. Can I get half of my monthly fee back?


A2:The monthly fee for that month will be paid on the first week of every month. If the student is absent due to personal reasons, the lessonWe will not refund the application fee, so please be careful not to take a break.



Q3: Is it possible for parents to wait in the classroom during lessons?

A3:During the free trial lesson, it is of course necessary for parents to get to know the class, the teacher and their child. During other regular lessons, parents are asked not to be present even for a short time so that the child can concentrate on the class.


Q4: I am a member of society, can I participate in the English conversation class?

A4:There is a one hour class every Saturday from 15:00-16:00.

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